Dinnerware by Linda HeissermanMy second style uses found objects and handmade stamps to play with the surface of the thrown piece.  I use this technique in the making of my dinnerware sets.  Each piece is thrown on the wheel.  After the piece has been bisqued fired,  I use stains to accentuate the indentations.

I make two styles of plates.  I make round plates with carved edges. I make three sizes; 10 1/2in, 9 in, and 6 1/2 in.

I also make square plates with stamped edges.  I also make them in three sizes.  Due to the process of making them square, they are looser in their sizing.  They are approximately  10 1/2 in, 9 in and 6 1/2 in.  Bowls are also “squared” to match the shapes of the plates, but with a different stamp pattern.

Linda-Heisserman-Pottery-16A dinnerware set would not be complete without  choices of mugs, serving bowls,  serving platters, butter dishes  and cream and sugar containers.

The work is functional.  As with all my pieces, they can go in the dishwasher, microwave and the oven.   Caution!! No  hand made pottery should be put in a hot, prewarmed oven. Put the food in the pottery and warm it and the oven at the same time.

I like to work with people to mix and match styles to develop a dinnerware set which is fun, functional and joy to sit with at a dinner table.