The Process

My pottery is all made out of porcelain clay. There was a time in European history when porcelain clay was as valuable as gold.  Kings hired or imprisoned  alchemists to find the secrets and be able to produce  the Chinese wonder called porcelain . For me,there is something about the whiteness of the clay and the ability to use it as a canvas which captures my heart.

Fresh batch in the kilnMy pieces are one of a kind and limited series.  All of my pieces start out as a lump of clay I throw on the potter’s wheel.  After the piece is formed and air dried  to the right consistency, I turn it upside down and  trim the excess clay to form a foot for the piece.  From here I can go in many directions.  Some pieces are carved and sculpted by altering their shape.  Other pieces are altered and stamped.  Other pieces are allowed to dry fully and are decorated by using colorful glazes.

The pieces are then placed in a bisque kiln where they are fired to 1800 degrees.  When they are “fully cooked” they are ready to be dipped in various glazes.  Each is then put on a shelf in my gas kiln. It takes me about 12 to 14 hours to fire my kiln.  I shut it off at 2200 degrees and then it cools for another 12 hours.  Opening the kiln is like opening presents at holidays.