Blue bowl2012I have lots of stories about making pottery.  I find making pottery a continuous creative process. It took me many years to develop the skills to make the shape, with the “right” thickness and height, to fit the image I had in my mind.  As I made more and more pots, I found that sometimes I had to let go of what I “thought” I wanted and really take a good look at the piece and see if what I had was better then the image in my brain. Sometimes life just would throw me a curve ball which would send my work off in a totally different direction.

One example is what I fondly refer to as my “bunny bowls”.  I have always had many animals.  I like their warmth and their willingness to be themselves.  Simon was a pet bunny who had a mind of his own.  One day, I had a bunch of thrown and trimmed bowls sitting out on my back porch.  I had recently begun supporting myself fully from my pottery.  So every piece was going to pay my bills.  While I wasn’t looking, Simon took a bite out of each bowl.  Just one bite…out of each bowl.  I looked  and thought,”I am going to lose a days work!” Inspiration hit and I took out my trusty single edge razor blade and used it on the edge where the bunny had left a  bite mark .  It was just the curve ball to break a long held image of “perfection”.